For Financial Stability, Turn to Annuities

April 18, 2018

Americans routinely report being anxious about their money and retirement plans. Today, over 50% of American adults report being either “very” or “moderately” worried about retiring with too little money.

How can you achieve a worry-free future, though? The answer may simply be: annuities. By purchasing an annuity, you can exchange a chunk of your retirement savings for monthly checks the rest of your life; without having to worry about stock market volatility and other financial instability.

Annuities are a great option to help people with the dreaded “drawdown problem”. This means the amount someone can take out of their savings each year to live on. With an annuity, you know exactly what you’re getting each time the check comes. So, if you’re worried about your retirement – and want stability – an annuity may be perfect for you!1

Have annuity questions? We can help! Feel free to call us and we can help you make the best decision for your personal situation.


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