Can We Stop Inflation without a Recession?

June 23, 2022

Can We Stop Inflation without a Recession? - YouTube´╗┐

We have a dire catch 22 facing our nation right now: do we keep letting inflation decrease our purchasing power or do we aggressively raise interest rates possibly plunging our economy into a recession? Are there any alternate scenarios? Pushing us into a recession may be the only way to cool inflation that is now over 8%. Unemployment is currently low so they're willing to risk higher unemployment in order to decrease inflation. Economists are getting increasingly pessimistic that we can avoid a recession. Most agree it's somewhat likely in 2022 and very likely in 2023. Where did this inflation problem come from? Overly ambitious government spending spurred on by the pandemic 2 years ago is why we have too many dollars chasing too few goods. How does all this affect your social security and retirement? Click the link to see David McKight's, Catch 22:Can We Stop Inflation without a Recession? - YouTube

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